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Kenneth Lofland

Kenneth Lofland, Ph.D.

My name is Kenneth Lofland and I have been treating individuals with various psychological and medical problems since earning my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology over 25 years ago. I work in offices convenient to my clients in Northbrook, Lincolnshire, and Glenview.

The breadth and depth of my experiences make me uniquely qualified to effectively treat a wide range of clinical issues. I take great pride in assisting my clients in meeting their therapeutic goals. In fact, this is my personal goal to which I continue to devote my entire professional career.

I am goal directed, client oriented, and cognitive behavioral in my therapy approach to provide the most help to clients in the shortest period of time. I treat individuals, couples, and families struggling with a wide range of issues such as emotional problems, (i.e., anxiety and depression), addiction problems, and medical problems such as obesity, heart disease, substance abuse, and chronic pain. Stress management, cognitive restructuring, relaxation therapy, biofeedback, and hypnosis are some of the techniques I employ to maximally assist clients.

Much of my success comes from combining clinical practice with state of the art research. I have published dozens of studies, I served on over 50 doctoral dissertation committees, I teach and train doctoral candidates in psychology, and for over 10 years, have run pharmaceutical trials.

I served on faculty at Rush University Medical Center in the departments of Psychology and Anesthesiology, and I have worked at the University of Chicago, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and other nationally known centers. I am the current president of the Biofeedback Society of Illinois, served as President of the Midwest Pain Society, and am active in several other professional societies. I have given over 150 presentations at both national and international meetings.

It would be my pleasure to assist you in reaching your goals and improving the quality of your life.

Tracy Aneziris

Tracy Aneziris, M.A.

My name is Tracy Aneziris, and I have a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with a treatment focus in health and wellness. I am available to see clients in Glenview, Northbrook, Lincolnshire, and Schaumburg.

I view therapy as a journey for self-exploration and positive change. In sessions, I work as a teammate and motivator for my clients to reach their goals and improve their quality of life. My success in helping clients comes from gaining a deeper understanding about client experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In addition, I help clients seek awareness about how their emotional experiences impact their biological health and functioning. With kindness, enthusiasm to succeed, and faith in all those with whom I work, I help my clients utilize their strengths to build a personal skill set to live a happier, healthier, and relaxed life.

My clinical experiences include extensive work with adults in private practices and pain rehab centers, and with geriatric populations in nursing homes. I also have experience working with children, adolescents, and families in community mental health settings.

I have specific training in treating depression, anxiety, chronic pain and illness, grief and loss, first responder stress, adjustment disorders in adults, and disruptive behavior and attention problems in children. In addition to therapy, I provide meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback, and progressive muscle relaxation services, and career guidance.

I have conducted several studies and presented findings on couples coping with chronic illnesses, coping skills for chronic pain populations, intimate partner violence in adolescents and young adults, and opioid abuse. I have also presented literature and workshops on compassion fatigue, police psychology, special needs care, animal assisted therapy, adolescents transitioning out of foster care, youth bullying, mental health awareness, and chronic pain.

With all clients, I encourage a healthy lifestyle. I often provide education and tools for mindfulness, pain management, sleep hygiene, nutrition, behavioral management, and journaling recommendations based on their individual needs. I look forward to working with you and appreciate your trust in me. I am hoping our collaboration will lead you to meet your goals.

Sienna Chavez

Sienna Chavez, BA

My name is Sienna Chavez. I have earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and am currently working towards my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University. My prior experiences providing mindfulness and movement-based interventions to youth with physical and emotional problems has prompted my passion for helping others work toward holistic well-being. Additionally, I have contributed to research focused on the development of resilience, personal identity, and family perseverance.

My therapeutic approach is collaborative, strengths-based, and cognitive behavioral in nature. I am also passionate about integrating mind-body practices into my approach. I strive to work with my clients to foster empowerment and facilitate personal growth through meeting their therapeutic goals. As a therapist, I hope to provide a supportive environment where we can work together to embrace your unique strengths, and utilize those strengths to make meaningful changes toward living a more fulfilling and empowered life.

Ava Landis

Ava Landis, BA

My name is Ava Landis. I have earned my master's degree in clinical psychology and am currently completing my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. As a therapist, I have particular interest in understanding the role of the mind-body connection in our everyday lives. I am passionate about approaching mental health from a holistic perspective, understanding that our mental and physical health are interwoven.

My experience has consisted of working with individuals across the lifespan with a variety of clinical presentations including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, executive functioning deficits, and trauma. I have experience working in a variety of settings including inpatient hospital settings and therapeutic day schools. My approach is empathetic, holistic, and collaborative to help analyze your concerns from a well-rounded perspective. I want to hear your thoughts in order to work together towards your goals! It can be challenging to reach out for help, so my goal is to provide you with a safe space where you can feel supported, respected, heard, and sometimes a little bit challenged! I look forward to working with you and empowering you along the way.